Energy-saving prefabricated houses – SILESIA

We are aware of the fact that nowadays everyone dreams about their own house. Thanks to us, making this dream come true will become possible.
Do you want to build a house?
Energy saving project undertaken by our company will surely fulfil your expectations.
We will build a prefabricated house made of the best quality structural items. Our job includes preparing a shell, cold shell and also turn-key building. We construct conventional houses as well as the less standard ones. All according to remarks and preferences of the Customers. Energy saving houses are built with the cooperation of architects from Poland but also from Austria or Germany. We deliver prefabricated houses to every country of the European Union taking care of the highest quality of each part of the house, professional service as well as attractive prices.

Energy saving house is constructed on the basis of an Austrian tradition of wood construction industry but also bases on a German precision and diligence. Thanks to that it is possible to make economies already at the stage of production. Together with us you will be able to build the house of your dreams!
Energy saving project of the house prepared by our company includes all of your tips. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the particular rooms to the individual expectations and needs of all members of a household. We ensure that we employ materials with excellent thermal insulation properties which allows for getting an adequate level of energy saving of homes.
We exercise the utmost care so that all of our customers are fully satisfied with our offer. Energy saving prefabricated house is nowadays the best solution for people who highly value their time, professionalism as well as finances. We will fulfil Your dreams!
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our CATALOGUE OF TYPICAL HOUSES, where you can find energy saving prefabricated houses with the most interesting projects.
We encourage you to cooperate with CB SILESIA.


  • Tradition, experience and professionalism
  • Friendly environment – energy saving
  • 30 years of experience
  • Highest quality – competitive price
  • 100% made ​​in the European Union

Our company carries out production under the supervision of the Austrian Institute of Wood Technology of Vienna and since the 1st of October 2007 has had the Austrian quality certificate E-4.1.1-12-7352.


The environment is important to us and our generations. With us you save energy. Nature will be grateful to you!


You will know the final price of your building before the work starts and before signing a contract which makes it easier to plan your financing and get credit.


In addition to the typical houses, it is possible to develop together with you an individual project. Everything is possible!


Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. After cooperating with us you will recommend our services.